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About Us

Our History

The Brick Road to Success was established in 2008 by former NFL and current collegiate coach Brick Haley and his wife Tina.  Inspired by the family’s ongoing journey through autism with their middle son A.J., the Haley’s revised the focus of the foundation in 2009 to emphasize the support of autism related programs and activities for youth.



To positively impact the lives of young individuals through the investment of time, resources, philanthropy, and encouragement.



To actively engage individuals and organizations in efforts that include:

  • dedicating resources to help better understand and treat autism in youth

  • funding social and psychological support programs for families facing autism


Brick's Road To Success

It all began in the 11th street projects, one of the toughest neighborhoods in Gadsden, AL. Surrounded by unconditional love and encouragement from his family, Brick overcame adversity and learned invaluable lessons of strength and survival.


These forces propelled Brick on his road to success. After earning a multitude of accolades as both a high school and collegiate athlete, Brick followed his passion to inspire other young individuals by beginning a career in coaching.  Twenty-eight years of coaching on the collegiate and NFL levels have allowed Coach Brick Haley to share his road to success with others.

Learn more about Brick Haley here.

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